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                                                                                            Cut through plastic sheets
                                                                                            up to 1/4” thick. Do it easi-
                                                                                            er, cleaner and without
                 ITEM           1 for         12 @
                 653 þ                                       Handle design allows           Item        1 for
                                                             for comfortable, natural pressure.
         Used for most glass-cutting work as well as various types of stencil-cut-          827 þ
         ting and shape work. Rounded wooden handle. Single alloy-steel
         wheel. Wheel is not replaceable.                    FLETCHER Scorematic Double Edge Plastic Cutter


                                                                      Designed for scoring    Item #       Price
                                                                      acrylics and tile.      F05111 þ
         General purpose glass
         cutter for picture  ITEM    1 for          6 @
         and window glass.  896 þ                             FLETCHER HEAVY DUTY PLASTIC CUTTER
                                                                                          Designed for scoring acrylics
                                                                                          and tile up to 1/4” thick easier,
            RED DEVIL    TM  BALL GLASS CUTTER                                            cleaner and without fatigue.
                                                                                          Ergonomically designed com-
                                                             Handle design allows         fort grip handle. Replaceable
                                                             for comfortable, natural pressure.  scoring blades available.
                                                             Item       Description                     1 for
                                                             F05120 þ Fletcher Heavy Duty Plastic Cutter
                 ITEM           1 for         12 @
                 652 þ                                       F05713 þ Fletcher replacement Plastic Blades 10/pk
         Highest quality glass cutter. All purpose picture and window
         glass cutter with ball end.                         DECOR 6-Wheeled Turret Head Glass Cutter
         FLETCHER Gold Tip Ball End Glass Cutter

                                                                  ITEM              1 for             6 @
                                                                 897 þ
         Cast from superior grade steel. Features Item #  Price
         "Classic" contoured comfort grip handle in
         ball end handle style. 130° cutting wheel.  F01827 þ  FLETCHER 6-Wheeled Turret Head Glass Cutter

          FLETCHER Gold Tip Straight End Glass Cutter

                                                             Item       Description                     1 for
                                    Item            1 for    F01511 þ Fletcher Turret Head Glass Cutter
                                    F01115 þ                 F02611 þ Fletcher replacement wheels

          FLETCHER Carbide Wheel Glass Cutter                 FLETCHER Scoremaster II Glass Cutter
                                                             Features an oil dispensing systemm that produces a continuous, even
         134° die cast wheel. Ball end.
                                                             flow of oil along the score line and a pencil grip.  A  "changeable
                                                             wheel/axle" is available for customers who want flexibility in changing
                                                             wheel angles for different glass thicknesses.
         Item       Description                     1 for
         F01841 þ Fletcher Carbide Wheel Glass Cutter
                                                             Item       Description                     1 for
                  FLETCHER Designer II                       F01702 þ Fletcher Scoremaster II Glass Cutter
                                                             F03701 þ Fletcher repl head for Score. I & II
            Fluid Dispensing Glass Cutter
                        Features a 140° tungsten carbide cutting wheel  FLETCHER Brass Gold Tip Glass Cutter
                        and the option of fixed or swivel head scoring.
                        Solid brass and clear plastic pistol grip cutter  Solid brass wide cutting head. Pencil grip handle. Complete with a 140°
                        includes a tapping ball for easy break-out of glass.  tungsten carbide cutting wheel.
                        Item #   Description          Price
                        F01715 þ Fluid Dispensing Glass Cutter
                        F03711 þ Replacement wide head 140°  Item       Description                     1 for
                        F03712 þ Replacement narrow head 140°
                                                             F01712 þ Fletcher Brass Gold Tip Glass Cutter
                                                                       þ See back cover for details  Eff. 4/9/19
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