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                                                                                            Cut through plastic sheets
                                                                                            up to 1/4” thick. Do it easi-
                                                                                            er, cleaner and without
                 ITEM           1 for         12 @
                 653 þ                                       Handle design allows           Item        1 for
                                                             for comfortable, natural pressure.
         Used for most glass-cutting work as well as various types of stencil-cut-          827 þ
         ting and shape work. Rounded wooden handle. Single alloy-steel
         wheel. Wheel is not replaceable.                    FLETCHER Scorematic Double Edge Plastic Cutter


                                                                      Designed for scoring    Item #       Price
                                                                      acrylics and tile.      F05111 þ
         General purpose glass
         cutter for picture  ITEM    1 for          6 @       FLETCHER HEAVY DUTY PLASTIC CUTTER
         and window glass.  896 þ
                                                                                          Designed for scoring acrylics
                                                                                          and tile up to 1/4” thick easier,
            RED DEVIL    TM  BALL GLASS CUTTER                                            cleaner and without fatigue.
                                                                                          Ergonomically designed com-
                                                             Handle design allows         fort grip handle. Replaceable
                                                             for comfortable, natural pressure.  scoring blades available.
                                                             Item       Description                     1 for
                                                             F05120 þ Fletcher Heavy Duty Plastic Cutter
                 ITEM           1 for         12 @           F05713 þ Fletcher replacement Plastic Blades 10/pk
                 652 þ
         Highest quality glass cutter. All purpose picture and window  DECOR 6-Wheeled Turret Head Glass Cutter
         glass cutter with ball end.

         FLETCHER Gold Tip Ball End Glass Cutter

                                                                  ITEM              1 for             6 @
                                                                 897 þ
         Cast from superior grade steel. Features Item #  Price
         "Classic" contoured comfort grip handle in           FLETCHER 6-Wheeled Turret Head Glass Cutter
         ball end handle style. 130° cutting wheel.  F01827 þ
          FLETCHER Gold Tip Straight End Glass Cutter

                                                             Item       Description                     1 for
                                                             F01511 þ Fletcher Turret Head Glass Cutter
                                    Item            1 for
                                    F01115 þ                 F02611 þ Fletcher replacement wheels
                                                              FLETCHER Scoremaster II Glass Cutter
          FLETCHER Carbide Wheel Glass Cutter                Features an oil dispensing systemm that produces a continuous, even
                                                             flow of oil along the score line and a pencil grip.  A  "changeable
         134° die cast wheel. Ball end.                      wheel/axle" is available for customers who want flexibility in changing
                                                             wheel angles for different glass thicknesses.

         Item       Description                     1 for
                                                             Item       Description                     1 for
         F01841 þ Fletcher Carbide Wheel Glass Cutter
                                                             F01702 þ Fletcher Scoremaster II Glass Cutter
                  FLETCHER Designer II                       F03701 þ Fletcher repl head for Score. I & II
            Fluid Dispensing Glass Cutter                     FLETCHER Brass Gold Tip Glass Cutter
                        Features a 140° tungsten carbide cutting wheel  Solid brass wide cutting head. Pencil grip handle. Complete with a 140°
                        and the option of fixed or swivel head scoring.  tungsten carbide cutting wheel.
                        Solid brass and clear plastic pistol grip cutter
                        includes a tapping ball for easy break-out of glass.
                        Item #   Description          Price
                        F01715 þ Fluid Dispensing Glass Cutter  Item    Description                     1 for
                        F03711 þ Replacement wide head 140°  F01712 þ Fletcher Brass Gold Tip Glass Cutter
                        F03712 þ Replacement narrow head 140°  F03711 þ Replacement wide head 140°
                                                             F03712 þ Replacement narrow head 140°
                                                                       þ See back cover for details  Eff. 7/9/20
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