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                3M ATG 700 DISPENSER                         DECOR PREMIUM ATG DISPENSER


                                                                                          60 yard rolls

                                                                                                 • Used with
                                                                                                  1 /2" &  /4" ATG Tape
                                                                                                 • Clear Cover
                                                                                                 • Removes Liner

               Holds all  ATG tapes up to                    Decor’s PREMIUM ATG Gun can be used with 1/2” and
              60 yard rolls (except 1/4"),                   3/4” on 18 yd., 36yd and 60yd ATG tape rolls. Features
        transparent cover, easier load                       clear cover for easy visibility of tape and liner. Specially
        mechanism, gear system that                          designed double roller system will not gum up with use.
        helps prevent gum up. 3M #700                        This lightweight applicator is ideal for high volume appli-
        needs #587 1/4" Adaptor Kit to use                   cations of neat, consistent strips of ATG Tape. Similar to
        1/4" tape (see below.)                               3M #700 ATG Gun at half the price.
                  Item       1 for        3 @                                Item       1 for
                  586 þ                                                     320 þ

                                                              DECOR ECONOMY ATG DISPENSER
               3M 1/4" ATG ADAPTOR KIT
                                 This adapter kit when assem-
                                 bled to the Decor #586 3M 700
                                 ATG dispenser allows the oper-
                                 ator to dispense 1/4" ATG tape.
                                     Item       1 for                                 Decor's ATG Gun features
                                    587 þ                                            a Double Roller, Clear cover
                                                                                       and can be used with 1/2"
                                                                                         and 3/4"  ATG  Tapes in
         DECOR EZ GLIDE ATG ADAPTOR                                                        18 or 36 yard rolls.
                                                                                            Decor's own  ATG
                    Helps guide the ATG Gun                      tape dispenser has a
                                                               specially designed double
                                                             roller system that will not gum up with use. Clear cover
                                                             allows easy visibility of tape and liner. This lightweight
                                                             applicator is ideal for high volume applications and will
                                                             lay down a neat clean strip of ATG tape. Similar to 3M #
                                                             700 ATG Gun at more than half the price.
                                                                             Item       1 for
                                                                            1516 þ

                                                                   3M ATG 752C DISPENSER
                 Extended                  Retracted                  + 1/4” Conversion Kit
        Attaches to Decor  ATG Gun
        #320 and 3M ATG 700 gun                                                                 A blue adhesive
        (Decor #586). Guides the gun                                                            tape gun for use
        along the moulding before                                                               with 1/4”, 1/2”
        applying backing paper to the                                                           and 3/4” wide
        frame. Made of nylon. Will not
        damage frames and helps                                                                 rolls. Holds up to
        apply  ATG tape neatly and                                                              36 yard rolls.
        uniformly along the edge of                                                             Includes a tape
        the moulding. Snaps out of                                                              conversion   kit
        the way when using gun for                                                              that allows the
        other purposes.                                                                         use of 1/4” wide
          Item          1 for               In use                                              rolls.
          999 þ                                                      Item       1 for
                                                                     585 þ
                                                                                þ See back cover for details  Eff. 3/19/19
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